Top 4 Bike Trails in NT

Are you an adventure enthusiast? Do you love taking your bike along new and incredible routes? If yes, then the roads of Darwin are awaiting you. The two wheels offers a gush of adrenaline rush to all those who fall for adventure and sports. Combined with beautiful and scenic landscapes, it is an opportunity you should not miss.

This northern side of the country is not exactly a biker’s paradise but, it is definitely an incredible spot for vacations. There are infinite rock formations and creeks that surround this area.

If you are looking for biking trail options where you can park your campervan rental Darwin and move around, then here we have four such amazing options just for you.

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1. East Point Circular Trail

If you want to combine your love for biking with the love for coastal routes, then this is the perfect trail for you. it is a 4.5km circular route that offers exclusive locations and interesting scenes.

It is not an exclusive biking trail; you can also walk along this route. It’s got a full vibe of being an interesting place for bikers. The trail is quite easy and works for beginners as well. If you want to go biking and let your hair down while being on the two wheels, then this is the perfect trail for you.

You can find a good camping site for your motorhome hire Darwin before biking this trail.

2. Bicentennial Park

If you love a garden or park vibe, then the bicentennial park is aptly designed for you. it is a 2.6km nicely designed cycling route. The park’s history and wildlife viewing makes it apt for all the people around.

The park is designed to give an incredible view into the 2 nd world war. A lot of the views of the park has been designed to give a peek into what happened during the war.

Located along the beautiful coastline, this trail makes up for a nice picnic day and afternoon biking. You will also find a good spot for your campervan rental Darwin.

3. Simpsons Gap Cycle Path

If you are looking for something beyond regular, a more challenging path, then you should explore the Simpsons gap cycle path. This trail is located within the Alice Springs and is approximately 34.9km long. This trail is where you can see animals real close and enjoy mountain biking. It is the apt route for the experienced bikers.

There is a lot of greenery and dreaminess along this route. It is the best route for people who want to be closer to nature.

4. Rapid Creek Bike Path

This is the best trail for all types of bikers. These roads suit experts and beginners alike. It is a straight route and enjoyable too. It is surrounded by the nature’s creek and a lot of greenery, which makes it best suited for nature lovers.

You can choose a spot to park motorhome hire Darwin and get your bikes to explore the route.

So, if you are planning a trip to Darwin, we suggest you take the bike trails to enjoy oneness with nature.

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