Top 4 Bike Trails in WA

Mountain biking is gaining popularity with the arrival of newer and scenic routes. One of the reasons could be attributed to the fact that more bikers are interested in mountain biking. When you plan a biking trail with friends or family, there are several things you will need to consider.

1. Plan well before you set off for a mountain biking spree. Right from having a backup gear to having a good amount of water, there are plenty of things that you need to plan

2. Know and study the route before you begin biking through it. make sure you choose a time when the sun is down so that you can explore the space well

3. Lastly, make sure to book a parking site for campervan rental Perth so that you can reach far away biking routes too.

The most important part of the plan happens to be choosing a bike trail that matches your needs completely. Here we will take you through four different bike trails that have gained popularity amongst the mountain bikers in WA.

#1 Marrinup, DwellingUp

If you are up for some cross-country stroll, then this town at the end of Dwellingup is definitely meant for you. It is located next to a campsite, which makes it easier for you to camp as well as bike around the trail.

It is the best trail for all the new riders in this part of the town. You can do some research and also look into the trail using Virtual Reality. If you love these local trails, then you can opt to take your next biking trip there.

#2 Lake Leschenaultia, Chidlow

It is the best trail for the warm weather. If you want to go for a bike trail followed by an afternoon swim and a good picnic basket, then this is the perfect trail for you. The camping site where you can park your motorhome hire Perth is situated in a way that it faces the lake. It is the ultimate site for all the bikers and campers

This is a 12 km long trail. If you want to enjoy the summer sun while basking in your favourite
activities, then this is the trail for you.

#3 Kalamunda

This is the best network of trails that you can consider for your next biking adventure. These are well navigated trails with directions mentioned. You can park your campervan rental Perth at the Kalamunda camel farm before getting started with the bike trip.

There are various loops matched for the different types of riders. If you are an expert rider, then you can choose to go with the scorpion trail.

#4 Linga Longa Bike Park

It is the most sought after biking trail for expert riders. You will need all the gear to ensure your ride is perfect on this trail. If you want to keep exploring the paths and enjoy some interesting routes, then this is the perfect trail for you.

It is also a private park, where you can enjoy picnic or weekends with friends and family. Take your motorhome hire Perth and then park it there.

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