Set off on an adventurous trip across the Savannah Way from Broome to Darwin on your next campervan hire Australia holiday

The Savannah Way is among the legendary Adventure Drives of Australia and extends from Broome in Western Australia to Darwin within the Northern Territory. Embark on a rough country adventure on your next Campervan Hire Australia holiday and discover the awe-inspiring natural wonders of the Northern Territory’s incredible Top End. This adventure-filled trip entails an exciting tour across the Fitzroy Crossing and Geikie Gorge, an intriguing camel ride on Cable Beach and a trip to a wide range of National Parks and World Heritage areas.

On the first day of your campervan hire Australia holiday you will arrive at Broome which is the entryway to the Kimberley region. Enjoy a relaxing morning near the beach and explore the scenic area leisurely. Experience the stunning loveliness of Cable beach during an intriguing camel ride. Prepare to be captivated as the sun sets over the azure waters of the Ocean. You can stay overnight in Broome.

On the next day head towards the fascinating outback town of Fitzroy Crossing which is located on the banks of the Fitzroy River. Discover the wonders of this region including the aboriginal artworks at the neighbouring art centre. Explore the interesting Geikie Gorge which was formed from the Fitzroy River’s floodwaters as it created its course through the Geikie Range. Stay overnight in Fitzroy Crossing.

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On the next day you must explore the town site including the celebrated 1987 Crossing Inn which provided food and accommodation for travellers initially. Set off towards the Fitzroy River and attempt barramundi fishing. Set off on an extensive drive to Kununurra and enjoy the stunning sights along the way. Explore the famous ‘China Wall’ situated outside of this amiable town. The wall ascends from the creek over the hill and you can glimpse it as it winds its way over the rocky landscape. Stay in Kununurra for two nights.

Take a trip to Purnululu National Park on the next day of your holiday as it is the abode of the beehive domes of the impressive Bungle Bungle Range. Take a leisurely walk around Australia’s most wonderful walking destination which is Echidna Chasm. Saunter into the majestic Cathedral Gorge, savour an appetizing picnic lunch then set out on a guided walk along the Piccaninny Creek. Return to Kununurra and stay the night.

The next day entails yet another long drive towards Katherine which is well-known for its stunning gorge and river. Katherine is a spectacular blend of the tropics and the outback and is the entryway to the famed Nitmiluk National Park. Stay for two nights in this region.

The last stage of your Campervan Hire Holiday entails a trip from Katherine to Darwin. Set off towards the top of Australia via the well-known Litchfield National Park and leisurely explore the dense tropical rainforest, eucalyptus woods and magnetic termite mounds. Your motorhome hire Australia holiday ends in Darwin.

Set off on an unforgettable rough country adventure on your next hire motorhome Australia holiday via the Kimberley region and discern the splendid wonders of the Northern Territory’s Top End.

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