A thrilling campervan hire holiday along the Grand Pacific Drive in Australia

Enjoy a relaxed and laid-back Campervan Hire Australia holiday along the Grand Pacific Drive. The impressive drive starts at the entryway to the Royal National Park to the south of Sydney. The Royal National Park is the second oldest national park worldwide and offers panoramic views of coastal and bush scenery. Take a leisurely trip and go swimming or enjoy a sumptuous picnic in the Park. There are quite a few camping spots in this beautiful region as well.

Set off towards the south end of the Royal National Park which leads towards the remarkable lookout Bald Hill. Set out towards the coastal road on the way to the Sea Cliff Bridge. From this expanse the drive winds through some charming coastal towns en route for the vivacious coastal city of Wollongong. Head towards the stunning South Coast, beautiful Southern Highlands in the direction of Canberra on your Campervan Hire holiday.

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I had a wonderful time travelling around the Grand Pacific Drive on my Campervan Rental Australia holiday. I drove the vehicle straight towards Symbio Wildlife Park which is an amazing zoo with countless farmyard, native and exotic animals. Symbio is a must-visit spot on your Campervan for Rent Australia holiday with your family if you are interested in wildlife and love animals.

From Symbio I joined the Grand Pacific Drive at the southern end of the famous Royal National Park. The scenery in this region was simply stunning so I stopped the campervan hire and admired the spectacular vistas for sometime.

Along the way I stopped for a revitalizing coffee at a delightful little seaside village named Thirroul and then continued the drive to Wollongong where I savoured a tasty fish ‘n’ chip lunch at an eatery overlooking the water. Take a trip to Wollongong which is an eye-catching city located on the periphery of gorgeous surf beaches. Here you will find endless opportunities for good shopping, some extraordinary restaurants and cafes and an amazing Science Centre and Planetarium to entertain your children.

From Wollongong I headed in the direction of the Illawarra Fly Tree Top Walk close to Robertson within the Southern Highlands. This incredible steel canopy walkway is raised above the ground over the verdant rainforest. There’s also a spiral tower which offers stunning views of the ocean. Set off on any of the walking trails nearby and enjoy a bit of bird watching on your Motorhome Hire Australia holiday.

I went back the same way I had set out as far as Wollongong. I wish I had more time to leisurely explore the gorgeous countryside. From this region I set out towards the Princes Highway en route for Sydney.

I had an enjoyable time with my family on this particular trip and only wished I had more time to see the sights around this exquisitely beautiful area. For an extended trip you can stay the night at the famous Killalea State Camping Reserve sited at Shell Cove to the south of Wollongong. The campsite offers toilet and hot shower conveniences along with a camp kitchen. Enjoy your holiday!

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