Explore the beautiful Hawkesbury region which is the entryway to Sydney on your next campervan hire AU Holiday

The Hawkesbury Region is located on the periphery of New South Wales’ charming capital Sydney and is a beautiful spot to explore on your next Australia Campervan Hire holiday. Due to its idyllic location between the Blue Mountains and the picturesque Hunter Valley it is the abode of river communities, National Parks and splendid gorges and valleys.

The best way to travel around this region is with a Campervan for Hire as it is effortlessly accessible from Sydney if you journey along the Warringah Expressway. Travel to Lane Cove, go through the M2 Motorway and continue your journey till you arrive at the Blacktown Exit. You will reach Windsor which is a charming little town nestled on the banks of the gorgeous Hawkesbury River. Initiate your adventure of the Hawkesbury region which encompasses the Highland, Riverland, Heartland as well as the Sydney Hills Region.

The Hawkesbury region is among Australia’s oldest settlements. This is evident in the historical Colonial structures that line the quaint town’s streets. Set out on an unforgettable journey with your Campervan Hire along this fascinating region and learn about Australia’s intriguing past.

The magnificent region offers everything from a trip to the galleries, arts and crafts, antique shopping to rousing activities such as horse riding and pleasurable water sports as well. There are lots of things to see and do on your campervan hire trip around this region.

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The stunning Hawkesbury River Heartland is about 80 kilometres from Sydney and is a charming region cut off from the clamour of the city. Travel along The Forgotten Valley and experience the panorama of this scenic route which takes you through the heartland. This route is characterised by dramatic landscapes, historic sites and amazing scenery and guarantees a memorable experience.

Sydney Hills Hawkesbury enjoys an agreeable contrast with the multi-ethnic Sydney life. Escape to the scenic Sydney Hills and get in touch with nature once again. Take a leisurely walk along any of the numerous nature trails or simply relax and absorb the pleasant ambience on your Australian Camper Van Hire holiday.

The Hawkesbury River Gateway is the abode of the great Hawkesbury River and is a serene getaway spot for holidaymakers. When you visit the River Gateway you must stopover at the charming riverside town of Brooklyn which is well-known for its fresh seafood. Brooklyn is a fantastic place to commence your trip of the Hawkesbury region as it represents the best of the Riverland.

Set out towards the highlands of the Hawkesbury region and prepare to be enthralled by the winding roads, intriguing mountain scenery and splendid views. The scenic drive takes you past the region’s deep canyons, sandstone cliffs and plenty of thriving fruit orchards. Discover the scenic wonders of the Wollemi National Park on your campervan hire journey along the Hawkesbury Highlands.

The numerous Hawkesbury regions offer their own distinctive attractions and are ideal spots for your next Australia Campervan Hire Holiday. Experience the enjoyable contrasts between the countryside and city life and explore the scenic Heartlands, Riverland and Highlands for an unforgettable holiday experience.

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