Discover the scenic wonders of Adelaide on your next Australia campervan hire holiday

Adelaide is well-known as Australia’s festival and wine capital and is a charming city nestled in a scenic setting of gardens, historical structures, parks and open streets. Visit the vast array of cafés, restaurants and shops in this city as they are all sited close by. Getaway from the chaos of large cities yet experience the joys of city life on your Australian Camper Van Hire holiday in this wonderful city.

There is a lot of scenic loveliness in this splendid city which is idyllically situated at the foot hills of the Adelaide Hills with the St Vincent Gulf on each side. The city enjoys a pleasant climate all through the year and has an indomitable Mediterranean allure too.

Visit any of the dissimilar tourist regions and absorb the brilliant scenery on your Adelaide Campervan Hire holiday. The charming city is a vibrant one and the gorgeous cluster of green parks brings a sense of serenity and infinite space to the region. Elder Park is among the most popular attractions and you can easily cycle along the tracks that weave their way along the banks of the River Torrens. Enjoy a leisurely walk along the meandering gardens and the river on a laid-back campervan hire AU holiday around this city. Rymill Park is also a fantastic spot for a peaceful picnic with spectacular views of the lake set off by the rowboats and ducks with marvellous coffee shops sited close by.

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Botanic Park is a well-known spot due to its wide spaces and spacious gardens and is a preferred spot for a holiday due to the plentiful walking trails and quaint picnic spots. Enjoy the breathtaking scenery near the city when you stopover at this park on your holiday.

When you take a trip around the city you must stopover at the Adelaide Central Market for an amazing assortment of the finest food, wines and delicacies. This is among the biggest underground markets worldwide and is worth a visit as you can grab some amazing bargains along the way.

Adelaide is well-known for its extensive assortment of wines and is the abode of some of the most fabulous vineyards inside the country. Escape to any of the vineyards and experience the tranquillity of the country or settle down in any of the numerous camping spots around the city for an inimitable experience.

On a scenic drive from the city centre the sea beckons you for a dip with the dusky dolphins. You can either base yourself in Glenelg or drive your campervan hire along the scenic coastline for a one-off experience.

You must stopover at the famed Brighton Caravan Park as it is idyllically situated on the beach. Enjoy the spectacular country vistas and absorb the scenic splendour of the horizon which extends for infinity.

Adelaide is a lovely, elegant, contemporary and diverse destination to explore on your Australia Campervan Hire holiday. Experience the essence of a perfect Australian city and visit the trendy cafes, unbelievably green countryside, sweeping parklands and historic buildings for a memorable campervan hire holiday.

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