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“Discover the Scenic Wonders of Lake Macquarie & Sale, Victoria on your next motorhome hire AU holiday”

Lake Macquarie is among Australia’s largest saltwater lakes and is a preferred spot for a Motorhome Hire AU holiday. Initiate a memorable journey in Sale and go on to explore the infinite Gippsland Lakes and beyond on your Au holiday.

Lake Macquarie is a short drive with your campervan for rent from Sydney however it is a world away from the tumult of a big city. Lake Macquarie offers an extensive range of water sports as it is Australia’s leading coastal saltwater lake. Enjoy exciting activities such as swimming, fishing, kayaking and water skiing, boating and surfing on your Cheap Motorhome Hire holiday around this exquisite region.

Enjoy a sun drenched afternoon in any of the boats that grace the sparkling water, catch a wave at any of the splendid beaches or venture into the impressive mountains for a hearty picnic lunch and sightseeing walk on your Motorhome Hire holiday. There are countless villages, towns, wharves, jetties and marina berths around Lake Macquarie which is why it is the perfect destination for holidaymakers.

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Following a short drive from Melbourne you will arrive at Sale in Victoria. This intriguing destination is situated on the coastal Gippsland Lakes which feeds into the vast ocean at Lakes Entrance. Explore the Gippsland Lakes and beyond and enjoy an exciting boating journey in Sale on your Campervan Hire Australia holiday.

Sale is the perfect holiday destination for families who take pleasure in the great outdoors. Sale has a diverse range of water sports and is bordered by a National Park that is the abode of an impressive rainforest with nature walks and wetlands. The big lake system is perfect for boating and sailing along with exciting activities such as kayaking and swimming. The Lakes Entrance is sited nearby and has beautiful stretches of splendid surf beaches.

The Tarra Valley Rainforest Walk meanders through flourishing fern glades underneath mountain ash trees and is the abode of lyre birds and a profusion of resident wildlife. Set out towards the boardwalks and explore the Sale Wetlands on your AU holiday. Wander through the grasslands along the Flooding Creek Track and pass through the amazing Red Gum woodlands for an inimitable experience on your holiday.

Tarra Bulga National Park is a must-visit spot for nature lovers as it is a temperate rainforest with plentiful wildlife, verdant walking trails and cascading waterfalls. Escape from the clamour of the city and catch possums, wombats, platypuses and owls in their natural habitat.

Mighty Hire Motorhomes Australia

Photo Courtesy: Mighty Hire Motorhomes Australia

Look for lyrebirds as you take a leisurely walk though the ancient myrtle beeches, massive mountain ash trees, rainforest and fern glades towards the Cyathea Falls sited in the verdant Gippsland rainforest. Experience a completely different ambience as you take an unhurried Wetlands walk with freshwater marshes and a vast range of birdlife visible from the meandering timber walkways.

Relax at the Port of Sale precincts with its spectacular selection of restaurants and cafes or check out the local talents at the well-known Gippsland Art Gallery-Sale. Discover the picturesque marvels of Lake Macquarie & Sale on your next Campervan Rental Australia holiday.

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