Underrated hubs that motor home holidayers miss Down Under

Are you planning to visit Australia during your vacations? Australia consists of some of the best cities in the whole world which are worth viewing and it is true that a number of places have already been visited by tourists who have visited Australia prior to this. Would you like to visit some places that are less famous but are actually worth viewing? Some of the lesser known destinations in Australia Is what we would be talking about in this article.

There are various places in Australia that are not as famous as the Sydney Harbour or the opera house in Sydney. Sydney has several museums and places that are not much visited and are not found in the priority list of vacationers. But they are definitely worth visiting in Australia.

The Australian Museum

The Australian museum is the best place that can be visited by tourists. Housing the heritage and culture of Australia there are varieties of artefacts which range from science, to historical items, the history of the aborigine tribe, the story of how Australia was formed and many more. The Australian museum was the first museum to be opened in the country of Australia.

The Powerhouse Museum

The powerhouse museum is one of the largest museums in the country that is located just next to Darling harbour. It has a diverse range of collections, ranging from history and natural science as well. Along with culture and heritage, there is various technology and design related subjects along with social history, space and many more subjects.

The Sydney Harbour Islands

If you are bored of looking at the vast museums, you can try out the different islands in the Sydney Harbour. The Sydney harbour is very famous in Australia, but have you ever visited the Sydney harbour islands? The island offer you a vast variety of historical and cultural stories of the Aboriginal and European culture as well, and each island will give you a new incite to something new. The Cockatoo island is a great island that is a world heritage site in Australia which was also once upon a time a convict island.

Food delicacies

Sydney is known for its architecture and excellent mouth watering cuisine. Some of the best restaurants in Sydney offer great food delicacies that are worth trying out. These are Tetsuya’s or Marque islands. Have you ever visited these places? Try them out and you would be sure to visit again.

Sydney fish markets

If you are an avid lover of fish, try out the Sydney fish market. The Sydney fish market has a large variety of fishes that are definitely worth trying out ranging from the Salmon, Herring, Tuna, and various others. Paddy’s market is Hay Market also sells an assortment of products which you would love to buy and take to your country.

Other places that are beautiful but not much visited are the Coral islands, the Great Barrier Reef and many more. They are a symbol of exquisite beauty and wild life. Visit to the best places in Australia with Rrentcampervan Holidays Ltd Australia.

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