Types of motorhomes you can pick from

There are plenty of models available for the Motor Homes. All these models vary in size and features in order to suit the needs and budget of the individual travelers. These models can be divided into several categories out of which the most popular and frequently used models are as follows:-

a) Class A category: This group of motor homes has an elaborate setting and is fully furnished with full kitchen area, bathroom, bedroom and also a recreational area. There is ample storage space, a central heating system and also air conditioning. This type is just perfect for a holiday with the entire family. The panoramic view out of the front windows adds an extra charm to the motor homes.

b) Class B category: This category of motor homes typically have a great fuel usage in comparison to the bigger ones.

c) Class C category: This class is a Recreational Vehicle. Nearly all designs possess a cab-over-body segment generally used for sleeping.

Besides the above three classes, there are three more categories of motor homes which are also significantly important. These are Truck Camper, Travel Trailer and Fifth Wheel Trailer.

However, all these motor homes can again be broadly classified into two groups: The Two-Wheel-Drive (2WD) and the Four-Wheel-Drive (4WD). The 2WD Motor Homes can only travel on sealed (bitumen) roads. They cannot travel on dirt or gravel roads. So if you want to travel off the sealed roads, you will need to hire a 4WD motorhome. But the disadvantage with the 4WD Motor Homes is that most 4WD motor homes are only 2-3 Berth vehicles, so you are limited in this respect.

How to decide which motor home to hire?

The selection can be easy if you follow the below mentioned steps one by one:-

  • Do not look at all the models in the catalogue together or you will be confused. Motor homes come in different shapes and sizes, so first you need to decide how many people will be travelling in your group. Everyone in the group needs to occupy their own seat within the motorhome, including babies and children. So for example, if you have a family of 2 adults and 3 children, you will need at least a 5 or 6 Berth motorhome. Once you have made this estimate, see the category of motor homes whose size matches your requirement.
  • Next look at the features and shortlist a few models which would serve your need and purpose. While making a selection here, always take a few things into consideration like the time and place of travel (the motor home you select should be compatible to the place where you are going to go. It means it should work well with the weather, temperature and road conditions), number of berths and storage space.
  • Now you will have a couple of choices left infront of you from which you will have to make the final decision based on budget, style, comfort, discounts(if any) and some more factors.

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