Top places to visit WA in Campervans and Motorhomes

Western Australia is perceived for its splendid natural beauty. There is an extensive list of parks simply standing by to be investigated near the very edge of the capital city of Perth. All you need is a good pair of hiking shoes, Motorhome hire Perth and you are ready to explore WA.

Setting up camp in Australia: 

As Western Australia covers nearly a third of Australia, a large part of the state comprises of desert and remote, wilderness. A large number of bushwalks are situated in the state’s south-western corner, along the coastline and inland, a few hours from Perth. You can use campervan rental Perth for camping and to explore the places.

Top spots to camp in Western Australia: 

Monkey Mia  

Set up camp under the stars and adjacent to Dolphins. Appreciate the beachfront destination and retain the waterfront air that makes this area a popular area for the number one water warm-blooded creatures; the dolphins!

Margaret River  

Experience radiant grape plantations, great moving slopes, and an expansive running coastline once you visit the Margaret River locale of Western Australia. Regardless of whether you set up a shelter inside the magnificent open country or track down your detached seashore, camping in campervan rental Perth in this area will undoubtedly provide a memorable experience.


One of Western Australia's most prominent and prosperous urban areas, a beautiful roadtrip from Perth, Kalgoorlie might be a beautiful spot to go to. Being one of the world’s most important mining places, numerous attractions and beautiful local towns make a refreshing holiday. September brings the anticipated Kalgoorlie Cup, a unique experience like no other! Campervan rental Perth makes this all accessible and easy to explore.

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