Top Hikes in Western Australia

The age-old maxim – “Not all those who wander are lost” is very much true for those who are in search of serenity want to get lost in the wilderness of Western Australia.

Western Australia is one of the various sites in the world which is packed with incredible locations with spectacular long-distance walking and hiking trails. Those who want to drive to these picturesque spots can always hire a Campervan Rental at Perth.

To experience the serenity and seclusion of these areas, get ready and start making plans for visiting the interesting locations of Western Australia. This article would surely boggle your mind and would make you start dusting off your hiking shoes or surely start one to search for the right Motorhome Hire Rentals available at Perth for driving to these awesome locations.

Among the various picturesque locations, Bibbulmun Track and Kitty’s Gorge, Jarrahdale are worth mentioning. A detailed description of these two spots is given below:

Bibbulmun Track in Perth

This trail is a long-distance walk track in the western part of Australia. This 1003 km long track starts from Kalamunda to Albany in Perth. This long path also crosses the Darling Range.

The unique name of this long stretch has come from the Noongar or the Bibbulmun people, who are the Indigenous people of Australia. They reside in the Perth region of Western Australia.

The trail consists of more than 50 sections and has way finding signs all over the trail at regular intervals. Each section requires a minimum of one whole day walk. A designated campsite or a town is present at the end of each section.

Each of the campsites has facilities of a shelter with cosy platforms for sleeping purposes, drinking and bathing water tanks, restrooms, bonfire area, barbeque pit, tent sites and picnic tables.

This place is perfect for those who love to be in secluded spots all away from the concrete city jungles. But in this rugged trail, a little bit of cosiness is required in order to enjoy nature’s serenity to its fullest.

So, for this, it’s best to hire a Campervan Rental in Perth. This gives us the opportunity to have luxury anywhere.

Kitty’s Gorge Jarrahdale

It is a spectacular return walk at the Jarrah forest of Darling range. This long stretch leads walkers from the Jarrahdale town to the picturesque Serpentine Waterfalls. This area is occupied with colourful butterflies, making it one of the most desired long walk destinations of Australia.

If anyone opts to walk then walking from Jarrahdale from a small riverine brook would be highly recommended, as the path from this region to the Serpentine Waterfalls is quite rugged and it can prove to be a thrilling adventure trip for adventure lovers.

In case anyone wants to drive to these spectacular sites instead of walking they can always choose a Motorhome hire in Perth.

Trail walk nowadays does not mean a complete sacrifice of homely luxuries and necessities as luxury, warmth and cosiness can be availed easily in these offbeat regions with the hire of Campervan\Motorhome Rentals at Perth.

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