Top Hikes in Victoria

If you are in Melbourne, traveling and exploring the landscapes via road is an experience of a lifetime. You should ideally go with the campervan rental Melbourne that will help you travel the leisurely land route at your own pace.

There are some hikes in Victoria that are a definitely must-visit while you are road tripping along this route. Here we have come out with a list of all the places that you can go to.

1. Bushrangers Bay Trail: This trail has some amazing and scenic views that you cannot miss. You will pass by Cape Schanck and the lighthouse around that. At the tip of this trail, you can see the volcanic plug. This trail hosts several birds and has an enormous coastal line.

2. The wilderness coast walk: This coastal walk located along the top right of Victoria is a 100km range that you cannot miss on your tour to Melbourne. It is a multi-day road trip and is one of the finest hiking spots in this side for the town. If you plan for motorhome hire Melbourne, then you might need to prebook a campsite for parking.

3. Hanging Rock Trail: If you love a mountainous range, then this trail is for you. it also hosts a volcano at the tip of the trail. The farmland is spread across acres and hosts a dense forest range as well. You can get a good glimpse into geology if you have spent some time here.

4. Fort Nepean Walk: The walk to this fort is incredible and lustrous. You will enjoy taking the campervan rental Melbourne along this trail and enjoy the landscapes. This is a specimen of historic landscapes deeply rooted into the World War II history

5. Keppel Lookout Trail: This is an interesting mountain trail that you should explore when hiking along this trail in Melbourne. You should ideally start this trail from Falls Road to get a complete view into the hike. Go through the Robertson Gully and then climb the Keppel Lookout. You can then descend towards the Stevenson Falls and end with the Tree Fern Gully.

6. The Bluff to Mt. Cobbler Route: This is another hiking trail that seems to be quite popular with the hikers. If you hold an intense love for mountains, then you must follow this trail. It is spectacular, not just visually, but also otherwise. It has some interesting peaks and falls that you will enjoy hiking through. It takes around 7 days to complete this trail.

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