Top Hikes in South Australia

If you are looking for some good hiking spots in Australia, then the region of South Australia comes first to my mind. This region is blessed with rich topography, dense flora, rugged patches, springs, brooks and whatnot.

Due to the richness, this area is conserved thoroughly by the Australian Government for decades and it is one of the favourite spots for hiking among the locals and foreigners. Adelaide in Southern Australia is the hiking and trekking paradise among hikers and trekkers.

Among the various spectacular spots for trekking in and around Adelaide, some of the hiking trails are worth mentioning.

Some of these spots are as follows:

Adelaide Botanical Garden

If you are not an advanced level hiker or a trekker and are okay with a cool and relaxing trek walk then this location is perfect for you. This place is in the centre of the city of Adelaide. The garden is well known for its richness of flora.

This place is the secret haven for flower lovers as this place is the home to various kinds of exotic flowers and plants. Please make sure to visit the tropical greenhouse and also don’t forget to check out the wild growth of Amazon water lilies there.

This trail walk takes around 1-1.5 hours to complete, though the time factor may vary. After completing the trail walk grab a cup of coffee at the cafeteria of the park.

For some people, walking is a tedious job, but this should not restrict one to enjoy the beauty of nature which can only be experienced in these kinds of secluded trails or places.

For these reasons, many prefer to go for Campervan Rentals in Adelaide. Travelling by these rental cars offer serenity along with the luxury of feeling at home.

Onkaparinga River National Park

This place is heaven for hike lovers as there are plenty of Trailing options for all kinds of hikers. Hikers of all levels can hike over here. Both Advanced level and a beginner can hike in this diversified location.

The easiest trail location is the Punchbowl Lookout Walk. This 2 km trail leads to the mind-blowing view of the Ollapringa Gorge. This trail path also has wheelchair access.

Seating arrangements are also there at the midway of this trail. As this trail is quite popular among all, some people also prefer to drive through this trail path. They mostly prefer Motorhome hire in Adelaide for this purpose.

It’s All About Experiencing the Homely Warmth…

Hiking is not a cup of tea for all travellers or adventure lovers. They, just like hikers or trekkers, want to calm, soothe their minds from the urban cacophony. The hustle-and-bustle of city life often makes people like us be a part of an unnecessary rat race. Happiness can be achieved only when one's mind is calm, well balanced and stress-free.

This feeling can only be achieved once we connect ourselves with nature. To achieve this, going to an unknown natural spot can always be helpful, but we also long for the warmth and cosiness of home at any place. In order to have both homely warmth and the adventure of being in a secluded land, we can always opt for Campervan Rentals in Adelaide.

Hiring car rentals like this can provide us with the luxury of being at a picturesque secluded spot inside a homely atmosphere. Motorhome hire in Adelaide offers these kinds of facilities which you can’t ignore.

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