Top Hikes in Northern Territory

If you plan to explore the Northern Territory, what better way than by hiking. It houses best views and scenic trails that will take your breathe away.

1. This Nitmiluk or Katherine is the best route if you are adventurous and want to be one with the nature. It is a amalgamation of culture, nature and beautiful routes. You will get to see thermal springs, misty waterfalls and rocky ranges while hiking on this route. You will need to ensure a campervan rental ahead of time for a smooth booking and best parking spot. You can also take the canoe to the Nitmiluk Gorge while on this hike. You can also view sandstone cliffs and the take a look at the wildlife.

2. The Kings Canyon Rim Walk is the 6km trek that you should walk through. It passes through a waterhole and the garden of Eden that you cannot miss. It is the best for hiking enthusiasts and takes up to 3 or 4 hours to reach the spot. It comprises of beautiful views of desert and contains different forests. It is one of the most beautiful trails in the Northern Territory

3. Jatbula trail along Katherine is the 62-km trail. It is a multi-day trek as it is long and beautiful. You will pass through diverse ecosystems through the Nitmiluk National Park. You will see campsites where you can park your campervan or motorhome. This is the best entry into wilderness. You can go there for birdwatching or swimming along the year. It is also hosts one of the best monsoonal forests.

4. This 231km long walking tail that goes from rocky spine in the West MacDonnell Ranges to Mt. Sonder is incredible. It is filled with red rock faces, waterholes and mountain ranges. This range comprises of all the unforgettable moments and makes your hike extra special. It also houses a special gateway for yoga and meditation, which makes people connect with spirituality and brings in oneness

5. Twin Falls is yet another trail along the Norther Territory which you can explore. The trail has spectacular land views and houses the Arnhem land Plateau which makes the trail extra interesting

6. Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park has a trail that will captivate you with its wilderness and scenic views. You can go with campervan rental and make your trip extra special. Make sure to book your parking on the site beforehand for a smooth ride along this region. This hiking trail comprises of ancient landscapes and houses some of the best spiritual
destinations. You can also visit the numerous parks, shops and restaurants that are present along this route while you go hiking.

7. Kakadu National Park has yet another trail that you can go hiking. It is a 250 km long stretch, and is a multi-day trip. The indigenous rock art culture combined with traditional landscapes make up for some views. It is also considered to be a heritage site as it showcases some of the ancient and historical values.

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