Top Camping Spots in New South Wales

Do you love camping trips? Are you always ready to set your tent up and enjoy some incredible mornings and cold nights in New South Wals? If the answer is yes, then you might want to try explore the below destinations in NSW. You can always opt for campervan rental Sydney and get moving to set your own sweet camp up in the middle of an amazing spot. Don’t forget to carry all the essentials as a good camping night is complete with everything

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1. Honeymoon Bay

It’s a three-hour drive from Sydney. Known for being secluded and peaceful, it is the ideal camping spot for all you camp lovers. It has a beautiful beach and known for snorkelling. So, make sure you are carrying your gear along. It is open on for public on most days. However, you will notice that it offers a first-come, first-serve allocation in most seasons. So, you need to travel early to save your spot and park the campervan.

2. Diamond Head

This beautiful adventure ground is located in Crowdy Bay National Park, and is one of the lesser known camping spots. You can drive your motorhome hire Sydney and park it in this beautiful ground. It is an excellent place to enjoy some peaceful time with loved ones. It some incredible hiking trails. The water along this ground is best for swimming. You can enjoy a good day dipping into waters and staying relaxed here.

3. Cathedral Reserve

Located in the Blue Mountains National Park, this is a must-visit. It is mostly flat and happens to be the best spot for people who love to go hiking. While in Cathedral Reserve, you can also explore Blue Mountains, which is a definite go-to spot. Your dog may not be allowed in the national forest. You can always take them to the camp.

4. Picnic Point

As the name suggests, this is an apt place to drive your campervan rental Sydney and park to carry out an adventurous weekend. Located at a 6-hour distance from Sydney, it is a splendid place to go for your holidays however, you need to book in advance to avoid disappointment. It is located on the beach, which makes it a splendid camping spot. One of the best ways to spend your weekend, we would say.

5. Killalea Beach

This beach located in Kiama and is a good way to spend your weekend. Drive your motorhome hire Sydney to this beautiful spot and go hiking, fishing or swimming with family and friends. It is complete with all the facilities such as shower, toilet and barbeques. It is located at a 1.5 hour distance from Sydney with a picturesque drive.

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