Top 4 Bike Trails in Victoria

Are you planning to explore Victoria? There are turns and slides along the road that are less explored and ventured. Instead of walking those long trails, you might want to bike around them.

If you are new to biking, and wish to explore some of the most interesting places en route to Victoria, then here is our list. You can park your campervan rental Melbourne in the campsite before picking up a good bike to explore the trails.

It is very important to plan the trail and your camping adventure, before you get started. This way you get the parking spot and know the timelines well.

The Great Victorian Rail Trail

This is a 134km trail and definitely worth biking around. The best part of this trail is that it is flat throughout and easy for all types of bikers to move around. This is also supposed to be one of the longest trails in Victoria.

Surrounded by rivers, mountainside and lakes, it makes up for a scenic view. You will find native birds humming around the trees in here. It moves from Yea to Moleswoth and is just a beautiful tunnel to explore. You will also pass over the Bonnie Doon Bridge while moving along this trail.

If you want to enjoy some biking during this weekend, book your campervan rental Melbourne, and enjoy this beautiful place. You can also enjoy some good food and hospitality while at it.

Bass Coast Rail Trail

This is the famous Gippsland trail that every person should visit. It is a huge coastal trail along the Victoria region. This region is known for an extensive coalmining history, which you can see while exploring this space. You will find some interesting landmarks and panoramic ocean views while on this trail.

This is a 130km stretch and includes flat gravel trades with few climbs here and there. You can park your motorhome hire Melbourne in the camping site and go about to enjoy this trail. It is an exclusive picnic spot too

Goldfields Track

This track is famously known for its goldrush history. You can explore this trail while breathing in the pretty towns that fall on the side and the nicely designed state parks. This track has been designed to allow mountain bikes for the trails. You need a certain level of expertise to bike along this route.

There are some interesting resorts along this trail where you can stop, park and enjoy good food before resuming the trail.

The trail starts at Mount Buninyong, and is segmented into three sections for the ease of riding.

Bellarine Rail Trail

The total distance of this trail is 32.5 kms and it is quite an easy climb for first-timers. If you want to explore this trail, book your campsite parking and put your motorhome hire Melbourne there. Pick up a bike and start exploring. This route enjoys some interesting sites and explore-worthy historical places. It is definitely a must-visit route for all.

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