Hire a camper van and enjoy a thrilling Adventure Holiday in Amazing Australia

Australia is well-known as the world’s outdoor adventure capital due to its breathtaking natural landscapes and incredible wildlife. Innumerable tourists visit this country to enjoy a thrilling adventure holiday in Australia. If you’re planning an enlivening adventure holiday with your Camper Rental in Australia here are some of the thrilling outdoor activities you can look forward to.

Enjoy hiking in this fantastic country with your friends or family on your Camper Van Hire Holiday especially in scenic spots such as Kakadu National Park or the Blue Mountains. Hire a camper van and set off on a picturesque 90-minute drive from Sydney towards The Blue Mountains. This route is dotted with cosy cafes and bounded by panoramic views. The Kakadu National Park is sited up north and is smaller though an equally spellbinding destination with wetlands and amazing rainforests.

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Australia is bordered by several reefs such as the Great Barrier Reef sited on the northeast side and the Ningaloo Reef located on the western side. These two reefs are the abode of multi-coloured and fascinating marine life including dolphins, whale sharks and manta rays. Set off on a thrilling diving expedition and explore the splendid underwater spectacles under these reefs.

Australia is sprinkled with extraordinary rock formations particularly on the eastern side which is why it is the ideal place for rappelling and rock climbing which are among the two preferred outdoor activities. Some of these rock formations are made of sandstone whereas others are made of granite, limestone or rhyolite. Depending on whether you are a novice or a skilled climber you can select your favourite rock to climb on your holiday. Enjoy the spectacular views from the top then take your time abseiling or rappelling down.

Hire a kayak or canoe for an exciting adventure holiday in Australia. Set out towards the Bellinger River and book any of the numerous canoe trips there which are obtainable even at night-time under the full moon. Opt for a sea kayaking expedition around Tasmania which is among the most charming islands of Australia.

If you are audacious Bungee jumping guarantees a memorable experience on your Camper Van Hire holiday. Apart from the adrenaline rush you will definitely enjoy the captivating views during this exciting activity.

In Australia winter occurs between the months of June and August and offers an endless range of winter activities such as skiing. Skiing is a popular activity in Victoria and Tasmania. Despite the cold weather lots of tourists come to enjoy winter in Tasmania due to the breathtaking views of shimmering lakes, frosted rainforests and splendid snow-capped mountains.

Last but not the least you can enjoy even more dramatic views if you opt for skydiving on your Camper Rental Australia holiday. Either the freefall experience or the scintillating views of Australia from thousands of feet above will definitely take your breath away!

Hire a camper van and set off on an exciting adventure holiday in Australia with your family or friends for a worthwhile experience.

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