Explore these Legendary Drives on your next Australia campervan hire holiday

The finest way to experience Australia’s spectacular landscape and explore uncharted terrain is on a campervan hire holiday. Explore these legendary drives on your next Campervan Rental Australia holiday and discover Australia’s distinctive wildlife, national parks, rock formations as well as the rocky coast lines. To get a feel of an authentic Aussie Outback you can also visit any of the countless farms in this beautiful country.

The Stuart Highway is among Australia’s famous outback highways. This highway connects Darwin sited in the north to Adelaide located in the south. As you drive your Campervan Hire along this road you will come across towns like the underground world of Coober Pedy which is a well-known spot owing to its opal mining past and its inimitable “dug outs” which are essentially underground houses occupied by the locals to shield them from the extreme heat. Set out on a short digression from the highway towards the south of Alice Springs and you will arrive at the renowned tourist attraction of Uluru or Ayres Rock as it was previously known.

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The Victoria and Great Northern Highways will take you in the direction of The Kimberly Plateau which is located along this magnificent country’s west coast. The Kimberly Range is an amazingly beautiful and remote destination to explore on your Campervan Rental AU holiday. You will be enthralled by the awe-inspiring loveliness of the dazzling waterfalls, remote fishing spots and deserted beaches. The highlight of your trip will be a stopover at Kimberley and The famed Bungle Bungle Range or Purnululu National Park. This range is composed of striped sandstone domes and is approximately 350 million years old.

Take a trip along The Eyre Highway towards Western Australia across the Nullarbor Plain from Adelaide to Perth on your Cheap Motorhome hire holiday. The Eyre Highway is famous for its extensive sections of straight road. As you drive your vehicle along this road you must remember to take plenty of breaks throughout the trip.

These are just a few of the famous drives you must explore on your next Australia Campervan Hire holiday. Keep a few things in mind prior to setting out on a trip along these great drives.

You might have to opt for a four wheel drive vehicle to drive on many of these roads. Check out the weather conditions and the present condition of the roads prior to setting out on your trip as many of these roads are remote and are open to the elements. These are the things you should keep in mind for a memorable Campervan Hire Australia holiday along these legendary drives with your family or friends.

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