Discover the Marvels of Lamington National Park on your next campervan hire AU holiday

The Lamington National Park is snugly nestled in the splendid hinterland of Australia’s Gold Coast. It is a fantastic destination for an Australia motorhome hire holiday far away from the glamorous skyscrapers and theme parks of this country. This pristine instance of ancient rainforest is a famous World Heritage listed National Park and is a wonderful spot to explore on your next Hire Motorhome AU holiday.

Inside this spot graded walking tracks lead hikers to unknown waterfalls, dramatic lookouts, lush rainforests and some of the last residual warm temperate rainforests worldwide. This outstanding national park is the abode of plentiful rare species of the natural world.

To reach the Lamington National Park you must drive your Campervan Hire towards the south-west of Brisbane. From Brisbane follow the signs towards Tamborine and from there in the direction of Canungra. The Lamington National Park is about 36 kilometres from Canungra. Keep in mind that the road is meandering and steep along this route.

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To enjoy the scenic marvels of the Lamington National Park it is a good idea to opt for a Campervan for Hire. Due to the extreme weather conditions the night time temperatures are unpleasantly cold if you are camping outdoors inside tents.

The campsites in this region are non-powered however for your convenience there are a few coin operated BBQ’s and facilities for toilets & hot showers as well.

Lots of skilled walkers visit the Lamington National Park to benefit from the region’s rugged mountains away from the crowds. While tourists can enjoy the tranquillity of the park from its edges admittance to known walks is recommended for experienced walkers only.

There are lots of scenic splendours to admire in the Lamington National Park on your Campervan Hire AU holiday. There are myriad waterfalls and extensive walking tracks to select from. The amazing canopy rainforest walk at O’Reilly’s provides a magnificent bird’s eye view of the rainforest.

The park contains the biggest sub-tropical rainforest within Australia and is the abode of ferns, orchids and lots of rainforest trees such as hoop pines. Glimpse the local wildlife such as pademelons, native birds and glow worms. Admire the awe-inspiring landscape over Northern NSW and South-East Queensland on your Australia Motorhome Hire trip around this region.

Set out on a leisurely walk and enjoy the picturesque panorama around the Queensland national parks. Set off on any of the full day or half-day bushwalks or venture into the extensive Gold Coast Hinterland walk for a memorable experience.

The Lamington National Park is a beautiful destination to explore with a campervan for hire and is also a marvellous detour for holidaymakers on a trip to Brisbane or the Gold Coast. It is advisable to stay for a night or two inside the park as the walks are quite extensive and gruelling. Opt for motorhome hire Brisbane and visit the awe-inspiring Lamington National Park for a treasured experience on your AU holiday.

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