Different accommodation options offered by motor homes

A Motor home is a Recreational Vehicle that is getting popular by the day. As the name indicates, a motorcar is actually a movable home. A motor home is a self propelling vehicle that offers a complete package of facilities that are available only at home. While travelling on a motor home, one can sleep on a comfortable bed, can cook food of their choice at a kitchenette, take a bath or shower in the toilet and most importantly, can stay at any place they like.

Motor homes with berth options

Motor homes with various accommodation capacities and options are available and one can choose according to number of heads in the group and comfort level. There are berths starting from 2- b where people can spend the night. The two berths need not be moved, but in the Eight Berth Motor Homes the berths have to be removed for space and again opened in the night. The minimum number of people that can sleep inside a motor home is two while eight is the upper limit. The style of accommodation also differs from one type of motor home to another. While Alcove motor homes or coachbuilts, which are categorized as C-class motor homes, offer berths, Semi-Integrated or B-class motor homes feature fixed double beds. Integrated Motor homes, the best of the lot in terms of luxury and comfort, feature double bed births that are convertible. After having a sound sleep at night, travelers can convert the births into lounge or dinette areas.

Britz Campervans Australia

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Though integrated motor home is the best transportation mode to avail, the other two varieties are also quite comfortable. The double bed births of Alcove motor homes are good enough for two people to take a few hours of rest and so are the fixed beds in semi-integrated vehicles. In Alcove motor homes, the births are placed right above the cab area and hence travelers get a high ceiling. Semi-integrated motor homes are comparatively lower since there is no birth area. No matter which form of a motor home you avail, there would be enough space inside to move freely.

However, there is no hard and fast rule that one has to sleep only inside a motor home. In Australia there are plenty of caravan parks where people can station their vehicle and sleep inside a camp on the ground. Travelers simply need to carry required materials and equipments to make a camp or a tent on the ground. This is a big reason why companies offering Motor Home Service are earning well these days. The scenic beauty of Australia could be enjoyed best only on the move and not from the window of hotel room and hence a motor home is the best option. For people who need not to bother about money, should opt for an integrated motor home, which apart from highly comfortable double bed births, feature a large window that offers grand view of the surroundings. In Australia, Rrentcampervan Holidays Ltd is the name to trust to enjoy a family trip on a motor home.

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