Giving Work From Home A New Meaning

How many times have you planned to go on a long and much-needed vacation only to have your 9 to 5 job stand in the way of your plans? Who would not love waking up to a breathtaking view in the top end or watching the sunrise on a beautiful Aussie beach? Many of us are so caught up with our lives and work that taking some time for ourselves seems impossible.

With the spread of the COVID – 19, businesses and social life have changed significantly. Most companies in Australia now enforce a work from home policy because of the contagious nature of the virus and restrictions enforced by the government for social distancing. Although this is a difficult time, we love to be the bearer of good news. We are here to show you how you can turn this new reality into a chance to travel without having to take leave from work.

Say Hello To Your New Home

Many of us find it challenging to travel while working remotely because it requires detailed planning and juggling between transport/accommodation schedule and being on time in virtual meetings and achieving deadlines. What if your flight gets delayed and you may be in the plane when you have an important meeting? What if you have to checkout from the hotel when the kids have their live online school class?

What if we told you that there is a way that your travel schedule can be as flexible as you like while you work remotely and be able to explore Australia?

Believe it or not, you can turn your work from home restriction into the chance to go on a long and much-awaited trip by taking your home along with you everywhere you go. And no, you do not need a teleportation device to do this. All you need is A RECREATIONAL VEHICLE (RV)/CAMPERVAN

working from campervan during campervan holiday in australia
Giving Work from Home a NEW MEANING

Your new campervan can become your home on wheels to accompany you on your tour while still giving you the ability to work remotely with all the amenities and comforts of a home and be in control of your travel schedule.

Rent Campervan in Australia

Renting a campervan is the perfect opportunity to travel and to contribute to the hard-hit national tourism industry all while not missing a single paid working day, especially in these tough times. Wake up with a scenic view, and after completing the day’s work, spend the rest of the day relaxing or exploring new places. This way, you end up getting the break you always wanted while working full time and making money.

wake up to the beautiful view
scenic view from campervan

A fully fitted campervan can provide most of the amenities you find at home while giving you the freedom to go anywhere and anytime you want. You can take a road trip to that place you always wanted to go without missing a single appointment from work.

Working from home gets a whole new meaning when you can take your home on wheels everywhere you go!

campervan holiday in australia

How To Find A Campervan/Motorhome.

You can find a wide range of RVs to suit your needs on our website From the ideal campervan for a single person to vehicles that can comfortably fit the whole family, you can select your preferred RV and turn working from home into an memorable vacation in Australia.

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