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“Explore the Marvels of Beautiful Bendigo for a unique experience on your next campervan hire Australia holiday”

Beautiful Bendigo is a 90 minute drive with campervan hire from Melbourne and is idyllically positioned in the geological heart of Victoria. Set out on a memorable Campervan Rental Australia holiday towards this fascinating destination via the Calder Highway from Melbourne. Bendigo is well-known as one of Australia’s foremost gold mining towns and is also among the richest gold fields worldwide.

Bendigo enjoys a Mediterranean type of climate due to its position on the northern periphery of the Great Dividing Range which is why it is an idyllic destination for a Campervan Rental Holiday throughout the year.

The wide streets of Bendigo are lined with inspirational Victorian structures which accentuate the rich legacy of this historic town. The most conspicuous of these structures include the School of Mines, the Bendigo Art Gallery, the Bendigo Town Hall and the Law Courts. Take a leisurely walk down the silent streets of this quaint town and admire these splendid structures.

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Bendigo has a lively arts and cultural scene and is the abode of quite a few art galleries. The Bendigo Art Gallery is among the biggest regional art galleries in Australia and has a wide array of exhibitions. Displays of time-honoured Australian artefacts and art from the Bendigo goldfields are compared with the 19th Century European art for a cherished cultural experience.

Discover the dissimilar facets of local life on your Campervan Hire Australia trip to Bendigo. There are quite a few opportunities to pan for gold and this guarantees a treasured experience on your vacation with your family.

Explore the scenic countryside in a hot air balloon from the sky and experience the enormity of the City of Greater Bendigo and its adjacent areas. Visit any of the charming local destinations and get a bird’s eye view of beautiful Bendigo.

Take a short drive with your Motorhome Hire into the hills of Bendigo and you will arrive at the Great Dividing Trail which is a recognizable trail that guides visitors through central Victoria’s concealed treasures. Hike along the Bendigo Goldfield’s Walk which commences in the hills and takes you in the direction of the Bendigo Railway Station. This walk enables you to enjoy the cultural heritage of this region and guarantees an unforgettable experience with its exploration of the fern lined rivers, deep gorges and local artefacts.

Venture into the Greater Bendigo National Park and discover the scenic splendour of Bendigo. This spot is the abode of the finest Box-ironbark forest worldwide.

Set out on an exciting ride in the Bendigo Ninesevensix which is a fashionable dining tram that guarantees an ultimate dining experience. Bendigo ninesevensix offers diners the inimitable experience of enjoying the first-rate local produce and beverages while absorbing the scenic views of Bendigo.

Stay in any of the local caravan and tourist parks if you wish to take a break during your Campervan Hire Australia holiday around this splendid region. Bendigo offers a unique experience for the entire family from the underground mines to the clouds in the sky!

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