Best Waterfalls in Western Australia

If you are traveling in and around Perth in your campervan rental Perth, then you should visit the brilliant landscapes and the incredible beaches in this land. There are national parks and the beautiful hills waiting for you to come over. We will, in this article, talk about the waterfalls that you should necessarily visit while in Perth.

1. Lesmurdie Falls
This is located in Perth hills, which is about 22 kms from the east of Perth. It is inside the Lesmurdie falls national park. It is a 50 meter natural waterfall and is indeed one of the finest appearing ones.

It is placed along the Darling Range escarpment. You will have to take the Lesmurdie Brook Loop to get a complete view of the waterfalls. It begins from the Lesmurdie Brook and moves towards the road. It is a 1.5 km trail and is quite a joyous trek for the walkers. There are several handcrafted bridges and seats provided along this trail. While seated on these seats, you get a complete view of the waterfalls.

You should ideally visit this place in your motorhome hire Perth during winters or spring. It is filled with wildflowers that make the trail look beautiful.

2. Fortescue Falls
This waterfall is located in Karijini region along Dales. It is present inside the National Park, and is the permanent waterfall in this location. The falls tend to move from rock terraces into the pool. If you want to take a dip in the pool, you should ideally visit these falls.

You can take the Fortescue Falls track for a nice long walk or hike. This trail is considerably steep. You can move in your vehicle to the carpark and from there take the trail to see the falls.

You are surrounded by high cliffs along this route. You can park your campervan rental Perth in the car park and then take the walk towards the viewing area to get a better view of the place.

3. Lane Pool Falls
These falls are located along the Northcliffe is at a height of 10 meters. You will notice that these waterfalls are a brilliant sight during the rains. The lane poole falls walk trail, which leads to the falls is five km long. It is surrounded by huge karri trees and wildflower that provide an incredible view. You will notice, while on this trail, that the water comes gushing in and the movement is fast. You should have some experience bushwalking while walking this trail. It is filled with rough surfaces and hill sections.

4. Horizontal Falls
These falls result from the fast-moving tidal currents that move through the McLarty Range. The water’s push creates formation that lead to waterfalls. You cannot reach the waterfalls via car or any other vehicle. You will need to park your motorhome hire Perth in the carpark before you take the float plane or a flight to the falls. you can even go on a cruise to the falls. you should ideally connect with a tour operator to  each this place.

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