Best Waterfalls in Victoria

Victoria is home to nature’s best trails, waterfalls and tracks. If there is one thing about Australia that people should know it is that the place is nestled in nature’s laps. From the exquisitely and modern restaurants to beautiful and steep valleys, there’s a whole lot of things that Victoria is known for.

Here we will take you through some of the best waterfalls in this region that you should know. You can park your campervan rental Melbourne at the camping site before commencing with the journey.

1. Sheoak Falls
The Sheoak falls is located near the Lorne area in Victoria and is one of the most popular places in the state. If you traveling on the Giant Ocean Road, you should stop by these falls and take a moment to breathe in the beauty of this place. The trail to these falls comprises the coastal woodlands as well as the wet forests. If you love hiking or want to try it once, then this path is ideal for you. You may feel tired at the end of it, but it is definitely worth the walk. You might even spot a few tree martins that are trying to build nests with the mud from the creeks.

2. Agnes Falls
These falls are located approximately 200 kms away from Melbourne. It is one of the highest waterfalls in Victoria. It is not possible to reach there walking. You can take your motorhome hire Melbourne to reach the place. Park your motorhome and then walk through the rest of the lane.

These falls cascade along 59 kms from the top. It moves through the rocks and into the gorge. If you love forests and trails, then walking around the falls is an exquisite experience. it is the perfect picnic spot for all of you who love being close to the nature. Apart from hosting waterfalls andtrails, it is also home to many wildlife animals.

3. Gooram Falls
These falls are close to Euroa in East Victoria. If you want to hear the thunders of a waterfall and enjoy the peace of water cascading, you should go to this place. There is a car park for your campervan rental Melbourne. The waterfall is a good 400 km walk from there. If you love having rock parties (quite literally), then this place is for you. The Gooram falls are snuggling in the arms of mother nature in the best way possible. you can choose a fine picnic spot around this space. Just make sure to check the weather before leaving.

4. Woolshed Falls
These falls are located near gardens that are beautiful and vast. It is along the north of Beechworth (a good 10 minute drive from there). This place has seen the height of gold rush, the moment when most people ran in search of gold. You will see a car park before you go to the site. you can park your motorhome hire Melbourne in here before going ahead. The water moves along weathered rocks.

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