Best Waterfalls in Queensland

Queensland, otherwise known for its hot summers, houses a number of beaches and waterfalls that keep the environment cool and breezy. On a hot summer evening, most people dash to the beaches to look for the best spot to enjoy the waters.

If you are a trekker and have been roaming the National Parks, these cascading waterfalls are definitely a blessing for you. in some cases, you will find swimming spots along the waterfalls, which make them even more interesting.

Here we will take you through the top waterfalls in Queensland. You can park your campervan rental Brisbane in one of the car parks before moving ahead with viewing the waterfalls.

1. Wallaman Falls
These falls are located inside the Girrigun National Park. It is around the stony creek and has a 268km descent, making it the world’s highest waterfalls.

This is one of the all-year-round waterfall. It is at its fullest from the months November to April. It is located along the 4 km trail. You can take a walk along the waterfalls, pausing for a bit to take its beauty in.

2. Natural Bridge
Nestled in the Springbrook National Park, along the Golden Coast Hinterland, this is one of the finest waterfalls in Queensland. You can park your motorhome hire Brisbane in the car park before going ahead into the forest. It is like a dreamland, which the forests and falls coming together to make it pleasant. There are plenty of tiny bubble streams that you can look at during your walk.

If you love walking, you should take a stroll on the natural bridge. There are plenty of other things that makes this place surreal.

3. Zoe Falls
Imagine if you were on an island that was filled with nature’s drama and action, what would you do? That’s what you need to do when you are at Zoe Falls. it is located near Hinchinbrook islands and is surrounded by fine beaches and a beautiful waterfall. The crocodiles add to the drama and action part involved in this part of Brisbane. There is a spot to park your campervan rental Brisbane

The Zoe Falls are situated above the Zoe Bay and is quite a steep fall. If you love swimming, then you have come to the right place. It does host a lot of swimming holes that you can enjoy. You can also visit this place via the Thorsborne trail.

4. Josephine Falls
These falls are located in the Bartle Frere mountains in Queensland. It cascades along granite boulders, making it a beautiful sight. He It is a 700 meter walk from the car park, and easy for even those who don’t walk much. However, if you are taking the trail to view the cascade, you might be in for a steep ride. It is not just steep but also challenging and long. You will take close to 8 hours to complete this trail. The waterfalls at the end of your 8 hour ordeal can make you feel relaxed and less tired. You can park your motorhome hire Brisbane in the parking area.

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