Australian Campervan Vacation – a Natures Gateway

Australia homes some of the world’s most magnificent wildlife animals. With the paw spreading Indian and Pacific oceans on the either sides. It inhabits the beauty of the marine world.

The Great Barrier Reef, the world’s largest coral that extends for over 2,000 kilometres is found a short distance off the north-east cost. Western Australia claims to be the world’s largest monolith – Mount Augustus. The low hills and highlands landscapes with the tropical climate consist of woodland, grassland and desert. With sandstone cliffs and gorges are a unique correlated combination found only in Australia – the megadiverse country. Among well- know Australian Fauna are the monotremes, including the kangaroo, koala and wombat, and birds such as emu and kookaburra.

A Holiday in Australia is a very unique experience with Campervan for Hire. The wide range of landscape and megadiverse element offered is an idle place for a family vacation. Hire/ rent  a campervan for a week long travel and get closer and closer to nature. And keep exploring the forest, the desert, the oceans, the wildlife, the mountain range, the climate, the wine, the food and many more exciting things that will imprint an experience like never before in your memories.

With a Campervan there are no ends to what you can really explore. Sip your favourite drink alongside the beach, or climb the mountains for a top view, or simply keep travelling on the road come-what-may. It’s your vacation, cruise away.

The birdlife at Fogg Dam is approximately 70km east of Darwin to Kakadu National Park. Fogg Dam attracts a wide range of local and migratory water birds and other wildlife including the largest population of snakes. The venomous Mulga and Death Adder snakes can also be found. The Saltwater crocodiles move during the wet season. Indeed it provides natural havens for wildlife adventures. You would surely get this via the Campervan Rental Australia.

In the northern territory at Kakadu National Park visit the Alligator River, its compromises of three rives the East, West and South Alligator River, regarded as one of the richest biological regions in Australia. The park is listed for both natural and human heritage values as one of the few World Heritage site. Apart from the Alligators there is a wide array of flora and fauna found in this region. The variety of birdlife like magpie geese, herons, ibises and spoonbills are also the major attraction of this region.

Within the Kakadu National Park head south to Nourlangie Rock. And camp at Anbangbang Billabong is a good place to view a wide range of wildlife. Wading birds the billabong and many wallabies can be found grazing near the waters. Find the Aboriginal rock painting of Mimi spirit at the anbangbang gallery.

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Keep travelling and explore the Gunlom region with your Campervan Hire Australia. It has quenches the heart and minds alike for everyone. Plunge into the pool or waterfall, a steep waterfall provides a breath-taking view of the souther-most parts of Kakadu National Park.

Visit the Pine Creek, a small town in the Katerine region of North Australia, its just off the Stuart Highway, a major tourist spot. The annual Goldrush Festival is one of the most prominent event for the resident of Pine Creek. The city is famous for triggering the Australian Gold rush, that was found by workers while digging hole in the soil. Enjoy the local flavours offered in the land. And keep travelling to Kartherine Park for a exciting wildlife surprise with the extreme adventure in your Cheap Campervan Hire Australia.

Explore the Nitmiluk National Park for a series of gorges on the Kartherine River and Edith Falls. These gorges have a greater ceremonial significance among the local people. It has thirteen gorges, with rapids and falls. It also the most ideal place for swimming and canoeing, though freshwater crocodile are found in most parts of the river as they nest along the banks, but are harmless. Keep feeding your adventure spirit with the nature.

Visit the Litchfield National park covers 1500km spread. The popular attractions are The Florence Fall. It is a double plunge waterfall leading to a swimming hole! The Buley Rockhole, the Wangi Falls, Tolmer Falls – home of rare Ghost Bats and Orange Horsehoe Bats, Tjaetaba Falls, Tjavnera Falls, Surprise Creek Fall, Blyth Homestead, Bamboo Creek and Magnetic Termite mounds and many more. The Bush Walk and the Tabletop Crack, Greenant Creek, Wangi Falls, Walker Creek and the lost city and many more, the list simply continues.

These are just some of the suggested route plans. You can simply keep travelling till you get drenched and drop into natures lap. An amazing campervan vacation is never a spoil sport, but a vacation to cherish for more. So hire your Campervans or rent the Motorhomes in Australia today.

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