Australia Campervan Hire – Explore Splendid Spots around Tasmania

“Take a trip around scenic Tasmania on your Australia Campervan Hire holiday and explore these splendid spots for an exquisite experience.”

The charming village of Swansea is sited midway up the beautiful east coast of Tasmania. Simply unwind and relax in this modest town and discover the traditionally local elements. Go for a refreshing swim or set off on a stroll along any of the beaches in the region overlooking Great Oyster Bay. Sited in close proximity to Freycinet National Park and gorgeous Maria Island, this is an idyllic location to explore the adjacent wonders. Swansea is a fantastic base for travelling around Tasmania’s scenic shoreline & its hinterlands and is around two hours’ drive from Launceston or Hobart.

Devonport is an alluring city situated on the banks of the dazzling Mersey River. There are lots of interesting things to see and do in this scenic spot on Rent Campervan Australia holiday. Famous attractions include Maritime Museum, Imaginarium Science Centre and Tiagarra Aboriginal Centre. For a bit of swimming and canoeing set off towards Blue Lake. The Tasmanian Reptile Centre is sited close by and is a major wildlife park within the state.

Australia Campervan Hire - Around Tasmania

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Leisurely explore this charming spot with Cheap Campervan Hire on your holiday and admire the spectacular scenery and picturesque fishing towns along the coast.

Located on the scenic Tasman Peninsula, Port Arthur was initially a convict prison. However it is a popular attraction for tourists nowadays. Leisurely walk and admire the beautiful buildings and museums in the city or take a cruise to the Isle of the Dead. Explore the pretty parks and pristine beaches around this region and experience the exquisiteness of one of Tasmania’s famed tourist spots.

Coles Bay offers never-ending hours of sunshine and a whole host of beautiful places to go swimming or enjoy a picnic and play with your kids. Situated on the east shoreline of Tasmania, this beautiful spot is the entryway to the Freycinet Peninsula. Wineglass Bay is among the must-visit spots as it has one of the finest beaches within Tasmania. Capture the faultless contours of this attraction on film. For the ultimate thrills there are lots of options such as abseiling, rock climbing, bushwalking and windsurfing. Birdwatchers & nature lovers will fall in love with this lovely place owing to a profusion of bird life and the thriving natural world.

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