An Idyllic Getaway to Mission Beach on your Australia Campervan Hire Holiday

The four small villages that constitute Mission Beach in Queensland are lined up north to the south along the Coral Sea shoreline. When you stand on the pristine sandy beaches you will feel closer to the Great Barrier Reef as compared to any other place in mainland Australia. Set out on an idyllic getaway to Mission Beach on your Australia Campervan Hire holiday.

Sugar farming and banana crops drive the agricultural industry in the farmland located to the west of this scenic spot. Small local wineries produce excellent fruit wines from the local produce.

In spite of its rather isolated setting this picturesque coastal region provides access to the rainforest and the vibrant Great Barrier Reef. You can enjoy lots of thrilling activities on your Campervan Rental AU holiday such as diving, sailing, fishing, snorkelling and beach combing.

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As the area’s centre Wongaling Beach has lots of places to stay the night. You will find quite a few luxury beachfront properties on Banfield Parade, Koda Street and Reid Road. If you wish to explore Dunk Island you have to avail the water taxi that departs from Banfield Parade several times a day.

Dunk Island lies inside four kilometres of the shoreline and is a trendy spot frequented by holidaymakers. The Family Islands National Park has extensive walking trails all over the scenic island. Shaped out of granite rock the island provides the ideal nesting spot for seabirds such as noddies and terns all through the summer. The island is the abode of a number of animals such as geckos, monitor lizards, pythons as well as tree snakes. The water and reefs enclosing the island are swarming with dugongs, crabs, sea turtles and fish.

On your Campervan Hire Australia holiday you must meet the local artists on Dunk Island where they proudly exhibit and sell their handiwork. At the Hideaway Resort you will find a charming cafe, golf course, spa, two restaurants and bars.

This inhabited region lies on a thin strip of terrain with the rainforest on one side and the ocean on the other side. Wildlife that dwells here includes the rare cassowary which is a huge, flightless bird.

Explore any of the rainforests via any of the plentiful walking trails through the wilderness. Highlights of this region include walks alongside the clear mountain streams and dazzling waterfalls. There are suitable trails for hikers of different skill levels and ages ranging in distance from 1.5 km to an extensive 7 km.

Travel northward with your Campervan for Hire and you will come across the Johnstone River Crocodile Park and its marine residents. The reserve has an area where visitors are permitted to interact with and give food to the native animals such as kangaroos and wallabies.

If you wish to glimpse the scenic wonders of the rainforest and the amazing splendour of the Great Barrier Reef on a single trip an Australia Campervan Hire holiday to Mission Beach is your best bet. You will find lots of exciting things to do and flavoursome cuisine to sample in one location.

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