A thrilling Motorhome Hire AU trip from Melbourne-Adelaide

Hire a Motorhome and set out on a thrilling self-drive journey from Melbourne-Adelaide. As you travel along these two splendid Aussie cities you will come across the most breathtaking vistas. Take a relaxed trip along well-known destinations such as Great Ocean Road, the fascinating town of Hahndorf with its archetypal German structural design and the beautiful Grampians. Savour the finest wine as you travel along the gently sloping vineyards of the Barossa Valley. Your trip ends in Adelaide which is the well-known capital of Southern Australia.

Initiate a memorable campervan holiday in Melbourne and head westwards towards the town of Ballarat. Discover the past and distinguished heritage of Ballarat and explore the site of the biggest deposit of alluvial gold worldwide. Then, drive your hire vehicle past the beautiful Otway Ranges and attractive weekend homes in Apollo Bay which is sited at the foothills of the Otways and is an ideal base to travel around the Great Ocean Road region.

Set off towards the charming destination of Port Fairy on the next day of your Campervan Holiday and drive along the picturesque coastal route of the Great Ocean Road. Glimpse the 12 rock formations renowned as the Twelve Apostles which rise up from the sea. Drive onwards to the inimitable fishing village of Port Fairy and sample the appetizing cuisine in the most excellent destinations for dining along the Great Ocean Road.

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On the next day manoeuvre your campervan north past the delightful sheep farm en route for Grampians National Park sited at the foothills of the famous Great Dividing Mountain Range. Visit any of the spectacular lookouts for breathtaking views and set off on a short hike through the park. Discover amazing wildflowers, rocky mountain ranges and a whole host of Aboriginal rock art sites inside the Grampians National Park.

Drive your motorhome west en route for the charming fishing town of Robe and look forward to pictorial views overlooking the dramatic Guichen Bay and marina. Explore the diverse shoreline on a leisurely walk with your family or encounter Robe’s glorious seafaring past.

Nature lovers should check out the Little Dip Conservation Park which comprises a sequence of coastal lakes. If bird watching is not your forte you can take a relaxed, romantic walk with your partner on any of the numerous splendid beaches in the region. Little Dip Conservation Park safeguards several small lakes from the open, swampy and shallow Lake Eliza to the Big Dip Lake.

Set off towards Adelaide on the last day of your Motorhome Hire AU holiday. I would suggest a detour to the vineyards within the Barossa Valley prior to reaching your final destination which is Adelaide. Barossa Valley is a leading wine-producing province and is a laid-back and welcoming destination as well. Relish a sumptuous lunch at any of the cosy restaurants in the valley after sampling the finest wine. Set off on the short drive towards Adelaide and finish your thrilling & memorable Motorhome Hire AU holiday.

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