A Thrilling campervan hire holiday along Broome, WA

Enjoy a thrilling Campervan Hire AU holiday in Broome which is a romantic and remote pearling port within the Kimberley region. Buy a pearl in Chinatown where several buildings were constructed in the early pearling days and visit the famed pearling museum. Enjoy a camel ride and watch the animated, awe-inspiring sunset over Cable Beach. Catch the magic trick of the famed Staircase to the Moon and enjoy a bit of bird spotting in Roebuck Bay and spot the dinosaur prints at Gantheaume Point. Spend the final day of your camper van Australia holiday on a memorable 4WD adventure along the mysterious Dampier Peninsula and learn about the traditional Aboriginal communities.

Commence your Broome Camper Van Hire adventure holiday in the enthralling Chinatown district. Savour an appetizing brunch underneath the multilingual signs and shop for a popular South Sea pearl in any of the showrooms. Stroll past the old billiard saloons on your holiday. See the pearls being cultured on an exciting excursion of the pearl museum or sail Roebuck Bay on a pearl lugger. Go for a dip from the soft, white sand of Cable Beach or Town anytime from May to October. Regardless of the time you visit ensure that you end a memorable day with an exciting sunset camel trek along the famous Cable Beach. Prepare to be enthralled as the sun blazes a trail into the Indian Ocean then savour a meal beneath the star-filled sky at a charming café or restaurant close to the beach with your partner.

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Glimpse birds, dinosaurs and moon staircases on the next day of your Campervan Rental AU holiday. Set off on the drive towards Gantheaume Point where the deep red coloured cliffs pitch dramatically towards the irresistibly blue water of the Indian Ocean. During high tide you can check out the plaster cast of the tracks inside the cliff top.

Visit the Broome Bird Observatory sited in Roebuck Bay on the next day of your Australia Motorhome Hire holiday. This fascinating place is the abode of the greatest assortment of shorebird species worldwide. Alternatively set off towards the aquaculture centre inside Manaba and explore the intimate connection between the region’s Aboriginal owners and the sea. If you visit this region amid March and October you can head towards Town Beach to gaze at the Staircase to the Moon. This is a visual illusion which is created by a rising full moon’s reflections off the tidal flats of the gorgeous Roebuck Bay. Grab a bite to eat at Town Beach whenever you visit the region on your camper van Australia holiday.

Set out on a 4WD Campervan hire tour along the Dampier Peninsula on the last day of your holiday and explore the rugged, stunning coastal stretch speckled with small Aboriginal communities. Learn how to catch mud crabs on a rousing Aboriginal cultural tour and spot the vibrant oceanic life from a glass-bottomed boat. Enjoy a leisurely stroll along the serene beaches past rocky red cliffs.

Enjoy your campervan hire holiday around Broome and immerse yourself in the pristine loveliness of this region.

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