4 Things You Need to Know Before Heading to Tasmania for a Campervan Rental Holiday

“If travelling was free, you won’t find me here.” However, sadly no matter what you fantasize, travelling isn’t free and you have to spend money to plan your vacations. Tasmania is one of the best regions of Australia especially if you are interested in sand beaches, cultural exhibits, historical sites and luscious forests. Before you head to Tasmania to visit all these places, it will be quite convenient for you if you hire a campervan in Australia for your accommodation during your vacations. In order to plan out a safer and well-organized journey to Tasmania, here are 4 things you need to know before heading to this scenic wild place on your Campervan Rental:

Campervan Rental Holiday - Tasmania

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  1. Mapping
    Tasmania has pretty large forests and your smartphone with exceptional GPS app may not be enough to save you there. There are a few regions in Tasmania where your smartphone cannot catch network signals. It will be better if you have a printed map demonstrating different remote locations of Tasmania. There are also various travel guides available on the internet describing the road construction, weather and food offerings in famous restaurants of Tasmania.
  2. Wildlife
    If you are going to Tasmania, it is impossible for you not to see the wildlife in Tasmania. No matter how much you try to avoid by sitting in your campervan in Australia, it becomes inevitable for you to experience it in Tasmania. Therefore, it is advisable that you should read a few guidelines on wildlife in Tasmania especially if you want to approach any insect or animal there as they can be dangerous at time. There is a term commonly used for wildlife in Tasmania i.e. Tasmanian Devil and obviously it has some perilous reason behind it. You should avoid red stripes spiders and creepy crawlies. You can suffer from severe pain if bitten by these insects. In extreme situations, they can also cause the venom if bitten deep into the skin.
Wildlife in Tasmania

Image Source: australia.com

  • Electricity Issue
    If you have chosen a campervans for your visit to Tasmania, you would definitely know how expensive electricity can be especially if you have to use fridge and diverse cooking elements. Although the battery would be charged after you drive your Camper Rental for a few hours yet it will be convenient for you to plug your campervan battery a few times in outer campsites to prevent any electricity issues during your journey. It would only cost you a few bucks ($2 to $20) and is highly recommended if you have a night stay.
  • How to Store Food?
    Food smell can quickly attract animals to reach to your campervan rental in Tasmania. You can put smelly food items in your airtight cooler. There is also restricted food item list available on Tasmanian state government website for tourists. Your campervan’s window should always remain closed especially if you are not in it. With campervan you can access seven territories in Tasmania but you cannot access two islands with it.
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